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Misdemeanor vs. Felony in WI

There are a number of classifications between various categories and crimes that may determine whether an individual should be convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony. When it comes to the differences between state convictions, there are few, however, Wisconsin takes incarceration time and housing location into account when sentencing someone. To become more aware Read More

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What Is a Probate Case?

Most consider creating a will to be an intimidating task, considering they need to face their future passing. That’s fair enough; nobody in particular wants to think about that. Nonetheless, it’s important to create a will to make the probate case go by more smoothly. Probate is the legal process about how to handle a Read More

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What Makes Up Legal Fees

It is very challenging to get an accurate quote of your total bill for your legal services at your first consultation. There are a lot of fees that could be added onto the bill during the course of the case. These include: consultation fee, standard billable rates, contingency fee, and referral fees. Consultation Fee A Read More

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What Makes an Experienced Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is easy, but choosing the right lawyer is a challenge. When searching for lawyers, experience should be a major deciding factor. A lawyer’s experience lays the ground work for how the case will proceed. Items to consider when reviewing a lawyer’s experience are years in business, education, and committee memberships. Years in Read More

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Hiring a Reputable Lawyer

A reputable lawyer is someone who cares enough about their reputation and professional demeanor that the lawyer will certainly have the same level of care for all clients no matter the situation.  You do not want a lawyer who is condescending or demeaning. A reputable lawyer will speak to you in layman’s terms and always Read More

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Important Questions to Ask Your Lawyer in the Initial Consultation

When initially meeting with a lawyer, you will have a million ideas running through your head. It is normal to not have a total grasp on the situation. You are in a stressful environment and need to make some pretty big decisions in a decently fast time frame to protect you. The initial meeting is Read More

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Passion and Compassion: A Key to Selecting a Lawyer

A major key to finding the right lawyer to represent you in your legal battle is to uncover their passion for the case, law and you.  Even more important might be their compassion for you and your legal proceeding. How do you discover passion in a lawyer? Have you ever met someone that doesn’t like Read More

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Different Fee Structures for Lawyers

Fee structures differ from law firm to law firm.  Many will work with you and give different options – and recommendations – pending the type of case you are going to be involved with.  Below are the different fee structures, and a few advantages and disadvantages of each setup. Hourly This is pretty self-explanatory.  Hourly Read More

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How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Long story short, lawyers are expensive.  No matter who you go through, you are spending money on a lawyer when you could be using it elsewhere in your life. To answer the question of how much does a lawyer cost?  It’s really all about value.  Lawyers can cost anywhere from under one hundred dollars per Read More

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Reputation: A Key to Selecting a Lawyer

How do you measure a reputation of a lawyer?  It’s not the easiest measurement, and no, it’s not all about wins and losses.      How to measure reputation Ask other lawyers. Other lawyers will let you know what they think of a different lawyer, good or bad.  It’s a rather tight-knit company that lawyers Read More

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Q: What is a divorce?

A: A divorce is the legal termination of marriage. All states require a spouse to identify a legal reason for requesting a divorce when filing the divorce papers with the court. The reasons given when filing are referred to as the grounds for divorce.

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