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Reputation: A Key to Selecting a Lawyer

How do you measure a reputation of a lawyer?  It’s not the easiest measurement, and no, it’s not all about wins and losses.     

How to measure reputation

  1. Ask other lawyers. Other lawyers will let you know what they think of a different lawyer, good or bad.  It’s a rather tight-knit company that lawyers keep.
  2. Look at peer reviews. There are sites on the internet that offer peer reviews.  Take a look online to see what people are saying about that lawyer.  Take everything seen online with a grain of salt, because there is not a site that monitors the quality of reviews.
  3. Read their testimonials. Make sure they sound like it’s a real person, from a trial that can relate to yours.  The actors on TV are not a testimonial.  We are talking about online reviews, as well as reading what is on their website, and asking them to provide some sort of testimonial.
  4. Reputation with the courts and judges is key. This is a tough measurement, as a no judge would endorse a lawyer.  Ask them about their relationship with courts and judges.  Granted this is not a sure-fire way to find out, but you can tell by the demeanor of the answer that they are being candid with their answer.

All of these are rather simple ways to find out if your lawyer has a good or bad reputation.  While none are an exact science, by finding out each of these points will help you make a more appropriate decision on whom to hire for your legal case.

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