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Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyers Seek Compensation for Our Clients

Proudly serving injured Wisconsin residents for more than 46 years

When you’re injured by someone else’s carelessness, you deserve to be compensated for your losses.  Hart Law Office attorneys are versed in personal injury litigation and strive to help you earn the maximum possible recovery under Wisconsin law. Damages can include compensation for lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering. At Hart Law Office, we have experience in a wide variety of negligence cases, and we do not get paid unless you obtain a judgment or settlement.

Skilled representation for all categories of injury cases

After suffering an injury, your physical recovery is paramount. However, prompt legal action is also necessary so that the parties responsible for your injuries are held accountable for the harm you’ve suffered. Wisconsin’s statute of limitations requires claims to be filed within three years of the injury, and the quicker you bring your matter to us, the quicker we can get to work obtaining a fair result for you. Our attorneys will assemble the people and information necessary to build the strongest case possible and will pursue it through negotiation or litigation.

We have decades of experience handling injury lawsuits, including those involving:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — Car crashes and other vehicle collisions often involve multiple parties with widely divergent recollections. If you were hurt in an accident, we will investigate thoroughly and work tirelessly to determine responsibility and damages.
  • Medical malpractice — Negligence or recklessness in medical treatment can be very difficult for a layperson to prove. We identify the relevant professional standards and employ expert witnesses to help obtain rightful compensation when the rules of care are violated.
  • Wrongful death — When a loved one loses their life due to someone else’s actions, families need an experienced advocate who comprehends the full impact of their loss. Though we cannot heal the emotional wounds, we work tirelessly to see that wrongdoers are held accountable for the financial impact.

In all cases, Hart Law Office provides a free initial consultation and works to get what is rightfully yours as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Diligent advocates for those who have suffered head and spinal cord damage

Injuries to the head or spinal cord can have devastating and often permanent effects. When negligent or reckless conduct caused the injury, it is important to seek the help of an experienced lawyer who can deliver the proper factual and expert evidence to give you the best chance at full compensation. Hart Law Office will ensure that your claim accounts for all of the present and future consequences of your injury.

Asserting products liability claims when a defective item harms you

If you’ve been injured by a faulty product or something that lacked proper warning, we can pursue justice for you with the relevant manufacturer. Changes in Wisconsin law might affect your claim, so you should contact us immediately if you have questions.

Pursuing recovery for slips and falls caused by dangerous premises

People hurt in falls often don’t realize that someone else’s negligence might have been partly or fully responsible. If poor maintenance, lack of oversight or another hazardous condition led to your accident, Hart Law Office will strive to get you compensation from the liable parties.

Contact a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer if you’ve been harmed by the fault of another

If you have suffered an injury anywhere in southeastern Wisconsin, call Hart Law Office at 414-436-3212 or contact us online for a complimentary consultation. Our office is located in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward and is easily accessible by public transportation. We offer evening and weekend appointments as needed.

“The Hart law firm is extremely professional and very consistent in successful results. All the attorneys at the firm have strong relationships with DA’s and judges in both major SE Wisconsin counties. Would highly recommend.”
-Joseph ★★★★★ Review From Google

“Mr. Hart is a great Lawyer, he represented my son with great experience, care concern and persistence, I have nothing but respect for attorney Hart he is a man of great integrity and stature, I’m truly glad I had Mr. Hart on my sons team he negotiated a great outcome for us.”
-Marlon ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

“Mr. Richard Hart is an excellent trial attorney. He meticulously/methodically probed and illuminated discrepancies in the prosecutions’ case against my loved one. Ultimately, Mr. Richard Hart’s professionalism garnered the respect of the prosecutor as well as the jurors.”
-Anonymous ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

“Attorney Hart was so helpful, honest and understanding. He always went above and beyond for everything and made me feel like I wasn’t just another case. Attorney Hart would always explain things to me so I knew exactly what was going on and was never confused. I will never use another attorney again. He is the best!”
-Katie ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

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