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Post-Divorce Modifications

Milwaukee Attorneys Helping You with Issues After Divorce

Understanding and attentive family law lawyers available to you after divorce

Divorce is a unique and complicated area of the law. One thing that sets it apart from other legal matters is that couples with children remain in each other’s lives, and some of the responsibilities set forth in the divorce decree continue for years. During this time, circumstances can change, rendering you unable to meet these obligations. Hart Law Office is here for you after your divorce, and our knowledgeable family law attorneys can help you understand your options.

What is a post-divorce modification?

A post-divorce modification is a change to the agreed-upon divorce decree between you and your spouse. In most cases, such a modification relates to child support responsibilities. A modification can be a simple process if you and your spouse are in agreement, but depending on your family’s circumstances, it might dredge up old emotions and tensions. Our divorce attorneys approach modifications from a calm and compassionate standpoint. We are attentive to your needs and circumstances, and we do everything we can to make the process quick and collaborative.

Trust our attorneys to help you when circumstances have changed

Your situation can change, either for better or worse, and when it does, your ability to follow through with the responsibilities set forth in your divorce order can be affected. The law allows for a child support order to be altered when there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Usually, this pertains to one of the following:

  • Lost job or reduced salary: Many post-divorce modifications of child support are sought when one spouse loses a job or experiences a substantial salary reduction. In these situations, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to meet child support obligations while supporting yourself.
  • Change in primary placement of a child: Modifications can also be sought if the court has recently changed primary placement of a child and you are now responsible for a larger share of your child’s physical custody needs.

If you have lost your job or recently gained full physical custody of your children, we can help reduce your child support obligations to better reflect your circumstances.

Since my divorce, my ex has not complied with the terms of our agreement. What are my options?

Unfortunately, there are instances in which one spouse does not comply with the terms of a divorce order as it relates to child support, alimony or division of property. Fortunately, there are options available to you, and the family law attorneys at Hart Law Office can help. Whether we represent you in post-judgment litigation with your spouse or seek to enforce your final judgment, we guide you throughout the process and are attentive to your needs and the circumstances of your case.

If your circumstances have changed after divorce, contact our Milwaukee team for a free consultation

Situations change over the course of your children’s lives, and Hart Law Office can help bring your obligations back in line with your abilities. Call 414-271-1775 or contact us online today, or come by our office in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. We are easily accessible by public transportation, and we can offer you a weekend or evening appointment if that better fits your schedule.

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