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Trustworthy Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect Your Rights

Aggressive representation for those accused of misdemeanors and felonies

America’s criminal justice system is rooted in the philosophy that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. However, you can be harmed permanently even if you have merely been implicated in criminal conduct. Milwaukee’s Hart Law Office can defend you if you have been arrested or accused of a criminal offense. Our attorneys represent clients in cases involving:

  • OWI — Operating a vehicle while intoxicated carries a heavy penalty in Wisconsin, particularly when it’s not your first offense. A driver with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or greater is considered to be legally drunk.
  • Drug crimes — Even possessing a small amount of marijuana can expose you to six months in jail for a first offense and a felony charge each time afterward.
  • Sex crimes — False accusations of sexual assault can have severe consequences not only in the criminal system but also in your ability to get a job or even live peacefully where you wish.

Our firm has the knowledge and skill necessary to advocate for reduction or dismissal of your charges. With more then 46 years of combined experience practicing Wisconsin law, we have protected the rights of the accused in trials ranging from traffic offenses to homicide. Our criminal defense lawyers take a proactive approach to case management, building a defense strong enough to withstand rigorous cross-examination.

Protecting individual rights in domestic violence cases

Recently enacted Wisconsin domestic violence laws have expanded what the government can use as evidence when prosecuting individuals charged with domestic abuse. Knowledgeable lawyers are vital so that defendants have a complete picture of what they’ll be facing in court. If you have been accused of this type of crime, Hart Law Office has the experience and ability to protect your right to a fair trial.

Knowledgeable defense counsel for white collar criminal litigation

Crimes of embezzlement and fraud carry stringent punishments even though physical injury is not involved. These cases often turn on complex evidence requiring both sophisticated analysis and a clear presentation in court. Our attorneys have both the knowledge to identify the important information and the trial experience to deliver it in a clear, convincing manner.

Assisting families when children are charged with juvenile crimes

Wisconsin’s juvenile justice system operates within the state’s standard court system.  Minors accused of crimes are often released to a parent or guardian and then have their case reviewed by an intake worker, who recommends a course of action. That recommendation may include a deferred prosecution agreement where the child agrees to certain obligations such as counseling, treatment, restitution or community service. If the child honors the terms of the agreement for the prescribed course of time, the charges are not brought. Juvenile records are sealed from the public except for the most serious offenses, but our attorneys can also assist in having juvenile records completely expunged for those over 17 years old who have met the conditions of their dispositional order.

Contact a Wisconsin criminal defense law firm for a free consultation

Hart Law Office is located in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward. Our experienced attorneys defend clients against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges. We offer complimentary consultations and take evening and weekend appointments as needed. If you are being accused of a crime, call us at 414-271-1775 or contact us online.

“The Hart law firm is extremely professional and very consistent in successful results. All the attorneys at the firm have strong relationships with DA’s and judges in both major SE Wisconsin counties. Would highly recommend.”
-Joseph ★★★★★ Review From Google

“Mr. Hart is a great Lawyer, he represented my son with great experience, care concern and persistence, I have nothing but respect for attorney Hart he is a man of great integrity and stature, I’m truly glad I had Mr. Hart on my sons team he negotiated a great outcome for us.”
-Marlon ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

“Mr. Richard Hart is an excellent trial attorney. He meticulously/methodically probed and illuminated discrepancies in the prosecutions’ case against my loved one. Ultimately, Mr. Richard Hart’s professionalism garnered the respect of the prosecutor as well as the jurors.”
-Anonymous ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

“Attorney Hart was so helpful, honest and understanding. He always went above and beyond for everything and made me feel like I wasn’t just another case. Attorney Hart would always explain things to me so I knew exactly what was going on and was never confused. I will never use another attorney again. He is the best!”
-Katie ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

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      Eric Hart is an experienced attorney who thinks and acts outside the box.  For those who have been falsely accused and are fearing the worst, Eric Hart has your back.  If you’re looking for a criminal defense or family law attorney, you should co...

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      I had a great experience working with Hart Law Office. Attorney, Eric Hart, was very professional, helpful, and thorough in assisting me with my sensitive matter. I highly recommend this law office for legal advice and assistance.

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      I have found Richard to be fair over all with both parties in the capacity of a GAL. There is sometimes where he should not be as lenient in his recommendations, but that is just him using all his options.

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      The Hart law firm is extremely professional and very consistent in successful results. All the attorneys at the firm have strong relationships with DA's and judges in both major SE Wisconisn counties. Would highly recommend.

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      Young ambitious attorneys love it love it

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