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Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers Help Clients Move Ahead

Experienced divorce representation that delivers strong results in a professional manner

People don’t expect their relationships to fail, but sometimes they do. When this happens, you must not only deal effectively with the emotional trauma and but also with numerous legal concerns. Children can magnify both the emotional and legal stress, but they can also serve as motivation to complete the process calmly and collaboratively. At Hart Law Office, our family law attorneys are guided by the principle that your children’s well-being is the top priority.

Attorneys committed to avoiding litigation through collaborative divorce

In collaborative divorce, the spouses, their attorneys and other professionals work together to reach a mutually satisfactory result. Relevant information is volunteered by both parties, avoiding the contentious discovery process that bogs down many litigated divorces and adds expense. If this sounds appealing to you and your spouse, our family law attorneys have significant experience with collaborative divorce and are dedicated to this respectful, team-based approach.

Advising clients on alimony law and potential spousal support

Alimony, or spousal maintenance, is available to former husbands and wives. This is often a temporary award lasting until the judge believes the nonworking spouse becomes self-supporting. Factors considered by the court when determining if support will be granted include:

  • Length of the marriage — The longer that a nonworking spouse was supported by their partner, the more likely it is that an award will be given.
  • Earning capacity of the party seeking maintenance — Judges will look at the education, work history and childcare requirements of the requesting spouse to evaluate if alimony is justified.
  • Age and health of the parties — Courts are aware older people or those in poor health might have a tougher time reentering the work force.
  • One party’s contribution to the other’s earning ability — There may be some compensation if one spouse helped another earn a professional degree by assisting with tuition or stayed home to allow their partner to advance their career.

Hart Law Office can help you determine if you are eligible for maintenance or responsible for paying it.

Advocating for Wisconsin residents in contested and uncontested breakups

Couples who agree on all issues can obtain an uncontested divorce quickly. If no children are involved, a simplified divorce is available. When disagreements exist on issues such as child custody or division of marital property, the divorce is considered contested. This does not mean that ill will exists or an all-out litigation war will ensue. We strive to maintain a calm, professional negotiation and settle matters in the most efficient manner possible. Mediation is one way to accomplish this. Should litigation be the only feasible means of resolving the disputes, we will deliver strong advocacy for you in court. We will also help you seek post-divorce modifications when a change in your situation requires a change in your child custody, child support, or alimony order.

Aiding husbands and wives who wish to file for a no-fault divorce

Previously, a marriage could not be dissolved unless one party was found to be at fault under Wisconsin law. That is no longer the case. Either spouse may pursue a no-fault divorce by alleging that the marriage is irretrievably broken. This can be demonstrated by mutual consent of the parties or evidence that the spouses have lived apart for a period of time. If you have questions, your first step should be to contact a knowledgeable attorney who can walk you through the process. At Hart Law Office, we have more than 46 years of experience guiding Wisconsin residents through the divorce process.

Contact a Milwaukee divorce lawyer for a free consultation

If you are considering dissolving your marriage, our father-son team at Hart Law Office can advise you on your options. For a free initial consultation, call 414-271-1775 or contact us online. We represent clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin from our office in Milwaukee’s historic Third Ward.

“The Hart law firm is extremely professional and very consistent in successful results. All the attorneys at the firm have strong relationships with DA’s and judges in both major SE Wisconsin counties. Would highly recommend.”
-Joseph ★★★★★ Review From Google

“Mr. Hart is a great Lawyer, he represented my son with great experience, care concern and persistence, I have nothing but respect for attorney Hart he is a man of great integrity and stature, I’m truly glad I had Mr. Hart on my sons team he negotiated a great outcome for us.”
-Marlon ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

“Mr. Richard Hart is an excellent trial attorney. He meticulously/methodically probed and illuminated discrepancies in the prosecutions’ case against my loved one. Ultimately, Mr. Richard Hart’s professionalism garnered the respect of the prosecutor as well as the jurors.”
-Anonymous ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

“Attorney Hart was so helpful, honest and understanding. He always went above and beyond for everything and made me feel like I wasn’t just another case. Attorney Hart would always explain things to me so I knew exactly what was going on and was never confused. I will never use another attorney again. He is the best!”
-Katie ★★★★★ Review From Avvo

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    A: A divorce is the legal termination of marriage. All states require a spouse to identify a legal reason for requesting a divorce when filing the divorce papers with the court. The reasons given when filing are referred to as the grounds for divorce.

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      The Hart law firm is extremely professional and very consistent in successful results. All the attorneys at the firm have strong relationships with DA's and judges in both major SE Wisconisn counties. Would highly recommend.

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