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Important Questions to Ask Your Lawyer in the Initial Consultation

When initially meeting with a lawyer, you will have a million ideas running through your head. It is normal to not have a total grasp on the situation. You are in a stressful environment and need to make some pretty big decisions in a decently fast time frame to protect you. The initial meeting is mainly to get to know your lawyer and briefly describe what your legal matter pertains too.

Common questions to ask your potential lawyer are:

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • What are your primary areas of expertise?
  • Is my case related to past cases of yours?
  • How do you bill for attorney fees?
  • Will you keep me in the loop on the progress of my case?
  • Who will be my primary contact during the case?
  • What are the other solutions to my case?
  • What can I do to keep excess cost down?

These feeler questions will give you much need knowledge about deciding what legal path to choose and how to communicate efficiently with your law firm to keep your cost down. After these base questions are answered and if you choose to hire the lawyer the more in depth discussions will kick in.

Remember to keep proper etiquette when discussing the case and try to keep personal feelings out of the matter as much as possible. When cases between two parties get personal and they do things just to anger each other the legal process will take a lot longer to complete.

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