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What Makes an Experienced Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is easy, but choosing the right lawyer is a challenge. When searching for lawyers, experience should be a major deciding factor. A lawyer’s experience lays the ground work for how the case will proceed. Items to consider when reviewing a lawyer’s experience are years in business, education, and committee memberships.

Years in Business

While the number of years a lawyer is in business is not the most important factor when choosing your legal representation, it does provide reassurance that you are in good care. There are many ways of determining how long your potential lawyer has been practicing law. Usually, the easiest way is to check the firm’s website and look under the lawyer’s profile. Other websites to research include AVVO and


To be a lawyer, a person needs to attend 4 years of undergraduate school and 3 years of law school. After the schooling is finished, lawyers need to pass state bar exams to practice law in specific sates. It is safe to say that when you are seeking legal representation from a law firm, the lawyer representing you is certified by the state. However, there are many other certificates a lawyer can earn; many of these are specific to the types of law being practiced. Certificates show a lawyers drive to continue to learn and improve their practice.

Committee Memberships

A lawyer who works on a committee with other lawyers and local business associates describes an experienced lawyer. By being on committees, a lawyer’s opinion is valued by peers and building ties in the community.

A lawyer’s experience doesn’t mean everything when deciding on whom to choose, but knowing a lawyer’s past experience provides a sense of confidence and security.

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