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Different Fee Structures for Lawyers

Fee structures differ from law firm to law firm.  Many will work with you and give different options – and recommendations – pending the type of case you are going to be involved with.  Below are the different fee structures, and a few advantages and disadvantages of each setup. Hourly This is pretty self-explanatory.  Hourly Read More

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How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Long story short, lawyers are expensive.  No matter who you go through, you are spending money on a lawyer when you could be using it elsewhere in your life. To answer the question of how much does a lawyer cost?  It’s really all about value.  Lawyers can cost anywhere from under one hundred dollars per Read More

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Divorce FAQs

Q: What is a divorce?

A: A divorce is the legal termination of marriage. All states require a spouse to identify a legal reason for requesting a divorce when filing the divorce papers with the court. The reasons given when filing are referred to as the grounds for divorce.

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