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Wisconsin Bill Would Eliminate Waiting Period for Remarriage

Wisconsin Bill Would Eliminate Waiting Period for Remarriage

After more than a century, Wisconsin residents who end their marriage might soon be able to marry again once their divorce is finalized. Legislation pending in the Wisconsin State Legislature would eliminate the six-month waiting period that divorced spouses must complete before getting married again. Since 1911, the state has imposed this type of delay, which has been set at six months since 1977.

Currently, only five states besides Wisconsin have a waiting period law and bipartisan support exists to end it here for reasons including:

  • Societal changes — As divorce has become more common over the past few decades, many people believe that laws requiring waiting periods seem overly restrictive and unnecessary.
  • Excessive delay — The waiting period runs from the time the dissolution is finalized. This means that it does not include the timeframe while the divorce is pending, which is at least 120 days and can be much longer. Accordingly, many people have to wait more than a year to remarry after deciding to end a previous union.
  • Couples looking for a new start — Often, married partners end the romantic aspect of their relationship long before they finally terminate the marriage. During this period, a spouse might find someone new and begin a committed relationship with them, which might even include children. Forcing the new couple to delay their wedding seemingly runs counter to public policy goals.

Others are in favor of keeping the waiting period as it is or revising it so that it only covers couples with minor children. If you have a question regarding the status of the remarriage waiting period or any other concern relating to divorce or family law, it is best to find an experienced Wisconsin attorney.

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