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Negotiating in a Divorce

At most times during a divorce, there is a lot of tension between the two parties and communicating may be difficult to do. Remember that both parties are working for the same overall goal: to dissolve the marriage. To protect yourself, you should always have a lawyer involved in the negotiating process. A lawyer looks out for your best interest and also maintains a level of personal separation to recognize what demands are realistic and unrealistic. The overall goal of the divorce should be to dissolve the marriage and split assets in a timely manner.

Some best practices to follow for negotiating are:

  • Be civil
  • Keep open lines of communication
  • Do not get personal when negotiating
  • Know what items are a need and what items are wants

A divorce will be frustrating, but using the 4 general rules above will aide you in progressing through your divorce. A settlement will come more quickly if both sides are civil towards each other. Always consult with a lawyer for negotiating advice and never try to hide assets. Do not get personal regardless of the sensitivity of the topic. Doing so will only delay the process and could lead to negative outcomes on your part.

At Hart Law Office, we have over 46 years of experience in family law. We understand the complications of a divorce, and we will work in your best interest to gain the assets you want and dissolve the marriage in an efficient manner. We offer non-conventional office hours to meet any ones need and your initial consultation is free. Call our Milwaukee office or contact us online to set an appointment.

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    Q: What is a divorce?

    A: A divorce is the legal termination of marriage. All states require a spouse to identify a legal reason for requesting a divorce when filing the divorce papers with the court. The reasons given when filing are referred to as the grounds for divorce.

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