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Legal Consequences of False Accusations

Being falsely accused of a crime, such as sexual assault or abuse, can be a terrible thing. Besides the severe consequences in the criminal system, people have also lost the ability to get a job, lose professional licenses and certifications, live peacefully, and have suffered emotionally as well.  Even during the court process, victims of false accusations have lost their jobs. That’s why it is so important to obtain a reliable criminal defense lawyer; this is something you cannot do on your own.

Sensitive issues that can lead to serious consequences for the accused

Topics such as sexual assault, abuse, or child molestation are very sensitive, and most people may side with the accuser for various reasons. Still, the consequences the defendant may suffer when they didn’t commit the crime are serious. The accused does not receive any anonymity, while the accuser does. Even if the accused is found to be innocent, the community will still have the case and the accusation in the back of their mind. Nobody should have to deal with being falsely accused of a criminal offense.

If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault, child abuse or molestation, please contact a criminal defense attorney. You will need professional help to clear your name, and you may need to pursue a defense against the accuser.

Contact our skilled criminal defense team in Milwaukee

At Hart Law Office, our criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and skill necessary to advocate for dismissal of your charges. We take a proactive approach to case management, building a defense strong enough to withstand rigorous cross-examination. Contact us with any questions and concerns regarding your criminal law case.

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