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How Soon After My Injury Should I File the Lawsuit?

After an incident or accident occurs that involves an injury for one or more parties, it’s important that the individuals involved take some time to process the injuries that have resulted. This is important in deeming the severity of the injury and how much medical treatment will be needed, if any. If you decide to go forward with a legal claim for your injury, you should have knowledge of the details of the accident as well as who was involved and how their actions affected you.

When to File

There are filing deadlines that are associated with when the accident took place so it’s important to be wary of that timeframe when considering a lawsuit. If you’re receiving medical treatment, disregard the amount of time you have left until completion because if you wait it may grow to be too late. That being said, you should also give the case some time before filing to look into the severity of the injury as well as who was involved and how.

Deadline to File

Similar to other situations that are brought into the court room, personal injury cases will also have a deadline to file by. Depending on the nature of the case (type of wrong doing) and the parties involved, the statute of limitations which will determine what that timeframe to file will vary greatly. Once that time period has past, it will be too late for file a suit. It’s important to keep this date in mind when considering filing a lawsuit.

Valuing the Injury

Once you’ve considered settling on an offer from the defendant or an insurance adjuster, it’s important to weigh all of the factors in your case. An element called “Maximum Medical Improvement” will come into play as you consider your options to see whether or not you’re as healthy as you were going into the accident or how to value your existing injuries. This is important in deeming the financial impact of your injuries and how much medical attention you’re in need of. Once settled, your claim is over, even if you later have other problems you believe are related to your accident.

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