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Covid19 – Divorce and Domestic Violence

Everyone knows that serious stress puts substantial strains on families. So, it is no surprise that the Covid19 pandemic is stressing domestic relationship to the breaking point.
In China, which has been though the worst and is now in recovery, divorce filings have risen to record levels. As you might expect, the issues causing the rapid rise in divorce cover the gamut. Even couples who thought they had a good relationship are being stressed to the limit. Being confined together is usually not healthy to begin with. The inability to get some ‘me time’ or get breaks from the kids or the spouse is asking for trouble. Then adding the stress of financial uncertainty and not knowing what the future will bring pushes the marriage or relationship to the breaking point. This is not even considering relationships where there are other factors like illness, drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness. Here in Wisconsin can expect that as this crisis continues and we start coming out of it, there will additional fallout in the nature of families breaking up.
The other and related issue is domestic violence. China news reports a substantial increase in domestic violence complaints. Even in the US, we are already getting such reports. The state of Washington, which was hit early and hard by Covid19 reported substantial increases in domestic violence incidents as the crisis hit the state and continuing to the present. Even in Milwaukee, which is at the start of the lockdown, domestic violence reports have risen while the overall crime rate is down substantially. Again, all this could be expected but is not good nor acceptable.
So, the bottom line is that even as we start recovering and things get better, the fallout for families will be long lasting and permanent. Things will never be the same. While resources for couples in trouble are now limited, they are available. Counselors are doing their best to communicate with their patients. Attorneys are still working, even from home, by providing consultations and the ability to file legal proceeding electronically. So, it is a difficult time but help is out there.
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